facilitation & training.

Organizations that invest in their people reap dividends in terms of legitimacy, longevity, and legacy. With the right training, coaching, and facilitation, leadership develops at all levels of the organization.  When an organization has multiple levels of leadership it is equipped to stay true to the purpose, follow best practices, and produce the results that will keep it competitive and relevant.


The list below is not exhaustive but provides a snapshot of some common leadership consulting scenarios we offer.

executive & team coaching.

We believe in the potential of each person. The transform. approach is both challenging and supportive as we coach individuals and teams toward greater effectiveness and engagement with your mission. Coaching develops the capacity of teams and individuals to take responsibility for their communication, commitment and contribution to the organization. ​

conflict integration & dialogue.

Conflict is not a dirty word. Conflict is part of a normal healthy organization. The problem is not conflict, but the avoidance of conflict. Organizations are better off when they are equipped to integrate conflict. Healthy conflict yeilds benefits such as creativity, innovation, greater commitment, and effectiveness. 


Equipping yourself and your people with the tools to not only "manage" but maxmize conflict through integration will lead to a stronger, more vibrant organization. ​


staff training and development.

We love to train groups on all aspects of group dynamics--trust, communication , power, and collaboration. There is always room for improvement in the way we communicate, handle conflict, share power, make decisions, integrate diversity and collaborate. Drawing from an ample toolkit of proven strategies, techniques, simulations, and inventories, transform. will create and deliver the training module(s) you need to produce the outcomes you desire.  ​

lectures and presentations. 

Teaching and learning are at the center of transform. We read to stay current so that we can share the latest information on topics including the intersection of neuroscience on leadership, the implications of chaos theory for planning, the case for gender balance or the power of followership. transform. can deliver lectures, arrange a roundtable discussion, lead a book study, or teach seminars on relevant issues related to organizational leadership and change for all levels of your organization from the executive leadership to the front line.

facilitating meetings. 

Leading meetings is an art that we take seriously. transform. can help you to improve the flow and outcomes of regular weekly or monthy meetings. We believe that most meetings can be efficient, effective, and do we daresay ..enjoyable? We can also help you plan for larger meetings of your entire organization, company, or if you are hosting a regular or annual meeting of a professional organization or association.   ​


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