What others think of our work matters. We hope that these words from our clients will add to your understanding of who we are at transform. and how we work with others.  

Joan Witherspoon-Norris

Director of Social Justice

YWCA of Central Alabama

Suzanne Martin annually designs and implements a yearlong training program (including a 35 hour initial training) for our AmeriCorps members that meet the needs of our organization as well as federal grant requirements.  Suzanne has a knack for choosing content that is appealing to participants and delivering it in such a way that participants remain engaged and stimulated.  Suzanne’s presentation style is very interactive, and she is expert at validating participants’ input, thus getting a lot of buy-in from her audience. We are thrilled to have her as a partner.

Rebecca Richardson

Director, Regional In-Service Education CenterUniversity of Montevallo

Suzanne Martin is an excellent facilitator!  She is adept at putting participants at ease and encouraging deep, meaningful conversations.  At the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) Spring Retreat, participants ranged from elementary school teachers to college professors.  Her techniques enabled these participants from varied backgrounds to share ideas and understand each other's perspectives.

Dr. Coleman Patterson

Director of Leadership Studies Leadership

Professor of Management and Leadership 

Hardin-Simmons University – Abilene, Texas

Dr. Martin is an engaging, energetic, insightful, and inspiring speaker and facilitator. She will challenge you to examine and rethink your assumptions and philosophies about leadership, management, and organization through a variety of well-executed active- and presentation-based training activities.

Todd Borst

Director of Student Judicial Affairs

University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL

Dr. Suzanne Martin was great working with our Fraternity and Sorority leaders, she challenged them in a way that made them look at the problems we faced from a different perspective and helped to lay the ground work to many of the changes we experienced in our community for many years.  Dr. Martin is truly a wonderful and inspiring person to work with. 

Rev. April Robinson

Minister to Students, Campus & Community InvolvementUniversity Ministries, Samford University—Birmingham, AL

Suzanne is energetic, insightful and sharply skilled as a facilitator. She breathes life into the material she is teaching, and is a master at interactive learning.  Students are consistently impressed with the depth of her knowledge and the dexterity with which she commands her subject and her audience.  

Jennifer Dunn Hall

Director of Leadership and Involvement

Samford University 

 Suzanne is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, teacher-person! A brilliant trainer, she comes with vast experience and the tools to create and build the most fitting and conscientious program for any audience. She can cover every topic from leadership theory to diversity training to trust building and conflict management. She is always current, relevant, and resourceful and never misses the mark! 

Always my first choice, she commands a room of one as easily as a room of hundreds with knowledge, humor, and sincerity. She is intuitive and thoughtful-always listening to her audience, sensing where they "are" and need to go in the moment at hand.

Richard H. Franklin

Vice President for Student Affairs, Retired

Samford University

Dr. Suzanne Martin has a passion for learning and teaching that is dynamically demonstrated in her presentations. She is enthusiastic and creatively uses a variety of teaching methods and styles to convey information and engage the learner. Dr. Martin has a mastery of subject matter and a gift for teaching it. Her presentations are transformational, and I highly recommend her without reservation!! She is very good at everything except making coffee in a pot on a stove but that too was transformational.

John C. Knapp, Ph.D.

Director and Professor of Ethics and Leadership

Mann Center, Samford University

Dr. Martin is a gifted teacher and leadership coach whose distinctive approach emphasizes personal growth and development. Her innovative course in leadership ranks among the most popular classes offered by Samford University, and her programs for adult learners have profoundly influenced countless lives and careers.  At a time when many experts offer advice on leadership development, Suzanne Martin gets results."

Amanda Storey

Assistant Director

Community Food Bank of Central Alabama

 Suzanne has the unique ability to connect with many different personalities while making the information accessible. Her energy was infectious and that kept everyone interested and focused. I think our team left the training understanding each other’s differences and similarities better. I walked away with tools on how to better communicate with colleagues. I hope we have an opportunity to participate in more trainings with Suzanne so that we can continue to move our organization forward.

Ken Berg

Music Director

Birmingham Boys Choir

We were very pleased with Suzanne's leadership in our recent Board Retreat. She was engaging and creative in her presentation and, most importantly, effective in her role as moderator with a group of very diverse and, let's say, "dynamic" individuals! She kept us focus and on task and the results will be pertinent to our efforts for the next stage of our development; a very worthwhile investment on every level."

Jennifer Kilburn

Executive Director

Children’s Policy Cooperative of Jefferson County

Suzanne’s Board training was fast paced, interactive and engaged each board member toward deeper understanding of our organization and their role in its success. She prepared thoroughly so that she was able to answer questions, guide discussions and let individuals be recognized for the skills and abilities they give to the mission. Suzanne has thorough understanding and experience with Board dynamics. Through her training Board members more fully grasp the serious nature of their responsibilities. They set clear goals and have worked to ward those goals throughout the year. She conveyed those deeper, serious concepts with friendliness and humor.

Teresa Zuñiga Odom 

Energy Expert Training Coordinator, Alabama Power

Former Board Chair, HICA

Suzanne is the ultimate leadership consultant. No matter what the group or individual age, she has the ability to work effectively in diverse environments and with a multitude of organizational issues. I have had the great pleasure of watching her in action with college students, nonprofit boards, and leaders In the business world. To each individual she offers great wisdom and expertise as she guides them in finding their true leadership style. Working with Suzanne and transform will strengthen individuals and give them the tools to succeed personally and professionally.

Brooke Bell Lyons

Assistant Director, Student Development & Educational Programming, Jacksonville State University 

Dr. Suzanne Martin connects with students and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is passionate about leadership development and students gain a new understanding. Dr. Martin presented vital information on personality types and team dynamics. She helped students and staff to learn who they are as leaders and how to interact with each other more effectively. We look forward to having Dr. Martin on campus for future training events!

Jilleyn Foley

Faith and Community Partnerships Coordinator

Alabama Poverty Project – Birmingham, AL

Dr. Martin  helped us develop relationships with young professionals interested in eliminating poverty by leading a group study of Greenleaf's Servant as Leader. Her teaching style is empowering. She guided us through the material by asking questions that encouraged open dialogue. We all came into the study as strangers but left as a team feeling that anything is possible.


Nancy Ekberg

Vice Chair, Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform Inc. – Birmingham, AL 

Suzanne Martin led a Knowledge Cafe' session for us when our organization, Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform held a meeting in the Birmingham Alabama area.  It was the most successful effort to elicit opinions concerning the need for reform as well as the messages that would resonate with the public, that we have ever had.  From that session, we formulated most of our messaging plans for our future.

Dean Smedley

Augusta State University  

Suzanne engages her audience in such a way that everyone leaves feeling confident, equipped, and encouraged to take the next step in their own journey towards becoming a leader in their circle of influence.

Isabel Rubio

Executive Director

Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama

Suzanne provided professional development work to HICA at a time when our staff had grown very quickly. Her incredible talents at facilitating our group work has increased our productivity, strengthened our understanding of one another and focused our work in a much more collaborative sense. We would wholeheartedly recommend her to our peers.

M. Yevette Pearce Ed.D.

Dormitory Program Supervisor

Alabama School for the Deaf – Talladega, AL

“Suzanne’s presentation on the transformative power of gratitude was both informative and life changing to many in our group. Her visual and research based presentation style, paired with an interactive approach, got everyone involved.”

Stacy Oliver

One Roof

Community Outreach Coordinator

Suzanne Martin is an engaging, spirited, and intelligent teacher who uses her knowledge to help organizations happy and productive teams.  Her workshops have taught me to think of leadership differently. When she trains, differences are not only honored, but acknowledged and encouraged.  If you are interested in learning about group/interpersonal dynamics, handling conflict, and harnessing a team's full potential and creativity, she can provide that. Attending her workshops has helped me to identify my strengths and how to appreciate qualities in others. Her workshops are among the most influential learning experiences I've had in my professional life and I consider myself lucky to have been a student of her work.

Nancy Reynolds

Vestavia Hills City Schools

Vestavia Hills, AL

Two words to describe Suzanne Martin? Dynamic and depth. Suzanne Martin energetically presents concepts in creative ways and takes them further than the superficial level I've experienced in other workshops. Her presentations are successful because they flow from her authenticity and desire to develop strength and leadership in others. Through finding meaning and significance in our own lives, she believes we can impact the lives of others and create strength in our communities and the world.

During my time at Samford University as part of the LEAD program, I had the absolute privilege of learning from Suzanne. Her personality and teaching style are truly one-of-a-kind. Her energy is infectious and her passion for leadership is refreshing. Her knowledge and commitment to the subject is deep and her drive to teach it is unstoppable. She is a true joy to be around and and it was an honor to learn from her.

Janise Cookston

Public Relations Director

We Texans

Andy Farmer

Minister to Students

Vestavia Hills Baptist Church

Dr. Martin led the session called “From Play to Profession: Connecting Childhood and Personality to Career Choices" at our Calling Conference this spring. It was exciting for me to see our youth engaging with her and what she was able to help them do. She nailed it, and I appreciate it!

Melva Tate, PHR

President & Sr. HR Consultant

Tate & Associates, LLC

You can depend on Suzanne Martin to listen and deliver what you need. She tailors her approach to your organizational culture and context. Her approach is thorough and fresh, she targeted our unique needs rather than applying a generic template from past coaching experiences. Suzanne’s capacity to engage individuals and help them to connect to the mission is exceptional. All parties reported that time spent with Suzanne was valuable and helped them to see themselves and their relationship to the organization more clearly and was pivotal in their professional development.

Tina Savas

Founder, Birmingham Business Journal

Author, Women of True Grit

Dr. Suzanne Martin works with progressive companies interested in building their leadership teams and optimizing 100% of the talent pool and 100% of the market. She helps CEOs, Executive Committees and managers build exceptional companies. Her renowned leadership training and advisory services assist leaders in understanding and unlocking the opportunities that bring real-time results to their bottom line.

Amanda Hiley Vaughan

Kellogg National Leadership Fellow

Founder, Leading Edge Institute

Dr. Martin has a deep background in leadership development and expertise in a wide array of group learning and leadership coaching strategies--but what sets her apart is her ability with both individuals and groups to "read" a situation and bring a wise and effective tool or process to match the moment. Many people know how to facilitate; few possess the experience and intuition that maximize learning opportunities when they appear. Her group leadership style reflects her own integrity and honest belief that people can develop new capacities and reach higher to make their vision a reality. Her experienced and genuine presence create a real space for learning and transformation.

Susan Jones

Vice President and Dean of Students

Judson College

We had never contracted our student leadership training until this year, but I’m so glad we did.  Suzanne created a personalized training designed around my goals as an administrator and the needs of our students.  Four months later, students are still bringing up topics from  training and talking about how they’re applying them in their leadership roles. One of my staff dubbed it "the most effective leadership training she has ever attended".  Another has told me repeatedly she wishes she could have had a similar experience when she was in college. I can’t say enough good things about the training or about Suzanne, who was highly collaborative and as concerned about my student learning outcomes as I was.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to provide a dynamic training experience for their students or their staff.”

John O. Jernigan, Ph.D.

Director, Student Development

Alabama School for the Deaf  

What a joy it was to have Dr. Suzanne Martin plan and conduct training for our staff!  The program was designed specifically for our needs based on careful consultation.  Our staff responded with great attention and enthusiasm.  Many commented this was the best in-service program our school has offered.  This is our second year of collaboration with Suzanne and we are already looking forward to next year.  I highly recommend her for any training and/or consultation your company or school may need


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