leadership consulting.

Our approach to consulting begins with deep listening so that we understand the total situation -- the current culture, the people, the relationships, the processes as well as your needs, intentions, and desires. Once we understand the situation, we can design an intervention, training,  or curriculum for your organization as a whole.


The list below is not exhaustive but provides a snapshot of some common leadership consulting scenarios we offer.

organizational culture intervention.

Your organization has a unique culture. Ideally the culture supports the mission, however, when the prevailing organizational culture is at odds with the purpose of the organization, the executive leadership team has a responsibility and opportunity to tend to the culture. They may need to reset or reintroduce the organization to the original culture,  or introduce a new culture  they deem essential to organizational integrity.​


transform. will help your organization look at the prevailing culture and if needed, design an intervention to realign the culture with the mission or help the executive leadership team to introduce new cultural norms to the whole organization.

curriculum development.

The new program on your wish list now has funding. You need a curriculum that will deliver the powerful outcomes you proposed.  transform. will help you to create a curriculum that meets your specific outcome goals, reflects your organizational culture and values, and creates greater energy and commitment for your mission.

organizational communication diagnosis.

Communication is the glue of organizational leadership. It is virtually impossible to overcomunicate in an organization. The failure to communicate often drains every resource - human to financial within the organization, damages your reputation and diminishes your relevance. It costs too much.


transform. can diagnose the quality and effectivness of the organizational communication system. We will design interventions to improve the communication among and between individuals, between work groups within your company, as well as help you to strengthen external communication with customers and other stakeholders.

organizational change assessment.

Change is necessary for success and growth, yet most people and organizations resist change and rarely manage change effectively. Sometimes change is not necessary and you need to assess the need for change and the feasbility for change before you embark on any change efforts. ​


transform. will help you to assess the need for change, feasability for change, and to identify the scope of change that fits your siutation. We will help you talk about change, implement change, and assess the change process so that you make good changes, changes that will stick.

retreats. workshops. seminars.

Whether you need a retreat, workshop or seminar, transform. will help you with various or all aspects of the event, including: planning, agenda development, site selection, content development, delivery, creating a learning environment and evaluation or follow-up with participants.


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